Monday, July 12, 2010

Shout Out to the Cosmetics Cop

If any of you have listened to me talk... okay, rant... about beauty and skin care products, you've inevitably heard me talk about Paula Begoun. I absolutely love her! If you've read any of my reports, you've seen her name countless times. That's because she really knows her stuff and she backs up all of her opinions with solid scientific evidence. If I've learned anything in my three years as a beauty writer, it's that you can't always trust everything you see in fashion magazines (even though they're super fun to read). After you've looked at beauty editors' recommendations enough times, you start to see a trend. They hype up the same things that manufacturers hype. But manufacturers want to sell their products... and they'll say just about anything to do so. Hence, all of those wrinkle creams that didn't work for you! (Come on, admit it... you know you secretly try them... or at least want to.)

That's why I don't hesitate to recommend Paula's line of skin care and cosmetics, Paula's Choice, even though I have never personally tried them. (But, I'm going to... I really am. I just usually go for immediate gratification at my local Wal-Mart over online ordering. But I will be ordering her Exfoliating BHA Liquid when I get paid this for an upcoming review.) I know that she only uses the best, proven-to-be-effective ingredients and she doesn't make any over-the-top promises. And here's what makes Paula vastly different than any other manufacturer in the beauty industry: Even though she sells beauty products, she still recommends hundreds (if not thousands) of products from other manufacturers. Who else does that?? In fact, many of my favorite products come from her recommendations.

Check out Paula's latest blog post to see what else is unique, and special, about her product line. I have a few products from her line on my wish list. What products are you dying to try?

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